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We have some important news that I need to pass on to our readers. Later in October, the Lake Travis View will be maaoving its physical office temporarily.
The View will move into the office of the Westlake Picayune, a fellow Austian Community Newspaper property located in West Lake Hills, for the next 24 months. Although our physical address will change, we will maintain our current telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. We have been told by our mail box provider that their address will be changing, so we will be taking a new mailing address, which will be released as soon as we confirm that address. We are also looking into some arrangements that will allow our staffers a place to meet while they are in the community. Again, more details to follow.
Our desire — and our plan — is to move back into the Lake Pointe/Bee Cave area when the Westlake Picayune lease expires in 2011. Both newspapers will continue to operate out of the same building, and the Lake Pointe area allows staffs of both papers very similar commutes into the communities they serve.
I understand this decision may concern some of our readers. For more than 20 years, and for nearly 30 in Westlake, our paper has been located in the heart of our coverage area, and we have enjoyed being there. As a company it was not our first choice to move the office, but due to the economy and its challenges, and from a business sense, it makes good sense to combine the two papers into one common location. Doing this allows us to put our resources where it matters: delivering the local news and information important to you, our readers. Despite the sharing of facilities, both papers will continue to operate with their own individual staffs, serving their individual communities in the award-winning fashion they have over the years.
Let me stress as firmly as is possible that this move involves the physical office only. View staffers will spend as much and most likely more time in the community, covering events, visiting with community members, making sure that no stone goes unturned as we continue delivering our readers the news that matters most to them. No matter where our physical office is located, we will take every opportunity to prove that we are and will continue to be the newspaper of the Lake Travis community.
One thing that makes this move a bit easier to take is the world’s growing utilization of electronic forms of communication. E-mail has developed over the years and people who used to come to the office to hand-deliver letters to the editor or news tips now choose to send them in via e-mail today. Walk-in office traffic has dropped significantly over the years. If you still want to find us, however, you may not have to look far. We’ll make every attempt to meet you more than half way, so you won’t have to make the extra drive into Westlake. Just call us, or e-mail us, and we’ll find a common place to meet.
Just as we do today, we will continue to depend on your feedback. If you feel we aren’t doing all we can to cover the local news, let us know and we’ll work even harder. Regardless of where our shingle hangs, we will continue to provide the most comprehensive, timely and entertaining coverage of the news and events of Lake Travis, and that’s our promise to you.


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