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Anyone who heard Bruce Harris speak at Lakeway’s Memorial Day service last Monday knows he has it right, we stand on the shoulders of giants — the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live in relative peace and freedom.
His stirring speech hit the proverbial nail on the head. No wonder, this is a man who served his nation and grew up surrounded by family members who personified all that is best in humanity, and embodied the essence of what makes America such a unique experiment in democracy and such a stalwart republic.
Most of us of a “certain age” have known the silent soldiers who fought and gave their lives for this nation Mr Harris spoke of. We have seen the sacrifices of the families who send their children to war. We have witnessed the Greatest Generation as it literally saved the world from tyranny. We have seen the men who were willing to travel to foreign lands — Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and others — willing to risk everything that is personal for the valor that is the defense of freedom.
Today, such sacrifices allow our freedom of speech which all too often will ring with the criticisms aimed at the very people who gave their all to ensure such “unalienable rights.”
How hard it must be for those who have seen the fallen first hand to hear such things. How difficult it must be for the families who sacrificed their children for preservation of the Constitution to pay witness to the often insensitive berating so often aired in the press.
How uniquely American we are, thanks to those who did their duty. Such dedication must never be forgotten. Thanks to such great love, correctly points out that we live in a largely unacknowledged and unrecognized state of grace, born from the blood of our silent heroes.
Well said, Mr. Harris, well said…
— Charles McClure


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