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As you probably know by now, 1st Lt. Sam Campbell, a 2002 Lake Travis graduate, has been awarded a Bronze Star. Like all good soldiers, Campbell defers the credit to others.
His actions during Operation Iraqi Freedom helped ensure the safety of VIPs the soldiers under his watch. This young man took part in 169 combat missions that covered almost 30,000 miles.
For all this editor knows, he may have played a role in saving the lives of my two sons — five tours between them.
Day after day, Americans are subjected to “news” reports that either paint a disparaging portrait of our military, now winding down in Iraq, while ramping up in Afghanistan,
We’ve heard the mass media, which has isolated every misstep and has ignored every opportunity where a soldier — or groups of solders — have displayed gallantry. Honestly, we, as a community, are so proud of this young man. We are truly pleased he is from the Lake Travis area, but just as Campbell says, he has seen heroism in the eyes of all those who serve.
— Charles McClure
Lake Travis View


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