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Father Samuel Hose (left), Patty and Tom Keel (middle), and Father Jim Evans at the Aged to Perfection luncheon.

Emmaus Catholic Church honored church parishioners who had reached the age of 80 years or above with an “Aged to Perfection” luncheon which was hosted by Fr. Samuel Hose, on Wednesday, March 16.

Realizing that the age demographics had drastically changed from a short time ago when Lakeway was a cozy place occupied by mainly retirees and is today a community dominated by young families looking for a rewarding place to raise and educate their young children, Hose decided to show appreciation for some of Emmaus’ older citizens.

“It is amazing the number of parishioners we have here at Emmaus and Queen of Angels in Briarwood who are living such full and happy lives at this age, and I wanted to know their secret,” he said.

The guests were asked to submit “secrets” they attribute to their longevity. Among the “secrets” shared were exercise, keeping socially active, eating a balanced diet, having a loving and supportive family, a bit of wine, and of course in Lakeway, golf. Others named good genes, modern medical technology, a sense of humor and, thanks to the grace of God.

Fr. Jim Evans, who joined the Emmaus clergy staff in late summer of 2010, was on hand to entertain the group singing songs from the Big Band era. He charmed the audience with such favorites as “Sentimental Journey, “Ain’t She Sweet” and “Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue.” Harry and The Cupcakes, a church group that provides entertainment at local assisted living centers, provided more tunes to end the festivities with a sing-along of many other favorites.

Prizes were awarded to Adele Turkovich, the oldest parishioner attending; to Dick Miner, the youngest 80-year-old attending; to Ruth Jacobi and Mary Hults for having the birthday closest to Hose’s birthday; and lastly to George Fleming for having a birthday closest to Evans’ birthday.

“This was a wonderful event, and I really, really enjoyed it,” remarked Eleanor Theone, who has been a member of Emmaus Parish and attended Mass at the Lakeway Church for 17 years before the present Emmaus Church was built on Lohman’s Crossing in late 2000.


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