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The Spicewood area and its residents were hit hard during the September 2011 wildfires.

A sizeable number of the 161 residents who were affected by the wildfires were uninsured, self-employed craftsmen who lost their workshops and all of their tools.
Craftsmen in Spicewood, which is in Travis County, include carpenters, cabinet makers, and other wood workers, as well as welders who made their living with tools lost in the wildfires. In all, 45 homes in Spicewood were destroyed and 21 homes suffered smoke damage.
“There is a high need for donations of basic tool kits including hammers, drills with attachments, and various types of saws,” Tommy Wilborn, Spicewood Long-Term Recovery Committee (SLTRC) Chairman said. “Even donations of second hand tools instead of gift cards would be greatly appreciated as that would allow the craftsmen to immediately begin repairs on their homes and get back to work more quickly.”
The Spicewood Long-Term Recovery Committee is made up of representatives from different nonprofit organizations and faith-based groups from the Spicewood area that have joined together to help wildfire survivors in their community with unmet needs. Presently, the group is focused on seeking donations of tools for the craftsmen, and donations to help the residents in Spicewood with clean-up and erosion control efforts.
After visiting the areas in Spicewood affected by the September 2011 wildfires, environmental experts from the City of Austin Watershed Protection, Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), and Travis County expressed concern that these damaged areas could rapidly and easily affect the water supply for the entire Austin area if not quickly addressed.
In order to stop the erosion and help keep the area water supply clean and safe for Travis County residents, it was recommended that the residents install silt fencing around affected areas leading into the waterways, reseed the nearby land and create berms. To help accomplish these tasks in a timely manner, the SLTRC, in addition to seeking the donations of craftsmen tools, is asking for donations of equipment to help residents of Spicewood with erosion control and clean up efforts.
The following are lists of needed craftsmen tools and erosion control and clean-up materials. For more information about tool and equipment donations, contact Jayne Meyer, Spicewood Long Term Recovery Committee (SLTRC) Donations Manager at (512) 293-2104 or spicewooddonations@yahoo.com, or Pastor Tommy Wilborn, Chair of the SLTRC, at (512)565-0800.
Tools needed include electric skill saws, mitre saws, handsaws, table saws, pancake compressors with air hoses, various size nail guns and nail boxes, hammers, drills with attachments
Erosion vontrol and clean up needs include 10-20 chainsaws for clean-up, 10,000+ sq ft black erosion control cloths, 6,000+ sq ft silt fencing, approximately 500 metal rods to stabilize the silt fences and wood chippers.
If you have any questions or would like more information about photo or interview opportunities, please call the Texas Department of Emergency Management News Desk at (512) 323-3363.


  1. We have a table saw that we would like to donate, where do we need to deliver it?

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