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As the high school swim season ramped up in intensity, and the Lake Travis squad kept having success, Coach Darcy Smith was sure not to distract her team even as a big decision loomed.
The five-year swimming and diving coach submitted her resignation following the state meet and will not return to coach (or teach) for the 2012-13 school year.
Smith had contemplated taking a step back to stay at home with her now 11-month old daughter, Tessa, and her husband, Ryan. As Ryan travels for work frequently, and swimming kept Darcy away from home for long stretches, especially on weekends, she decided that the timing was right for her to take some time away.
“As much as I love coaching and being a part of the Lake Travis family here,” Smith said, “the time commitment goes hand in hand with being a coach, and my husband travels during the week. We were trying to simplify our lives a little and allow me to stay home with her.”
Lake Travis athletic director Gary Briley said replacing the longtime coach will be difficult.
“She’s a good gal; she’s done real good stuff for us,” Briley said.
Smith kept the decision a secret for a couple of weeks because she did not want to distract the team during the district, regional and state meet, which just concluded on Saturday.
That’s when she let her team know.
“I told the kids after the state meet, and they took it well,” Smith said. “They were surprised at first. Then, their little minds start racing, wondering, ‘Who is going to be the new coach?’”
Also a special education teacher, the district will be looking for a suitable candidate that can fill in her teaching and coaching void.
“We’ll need someone certified to teach what she was teaching and the coaching expertise to go along with that,” Briley said. “We’re always looking for someone that has that expertise that we’re looking for, that actually competed in that particular sport. We want them to be able to demonstrate what they need to be able to.
“Having that playing background is huge because you’re trying to get those kids to wear those shoes you’ve already walked in.”
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