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A controlled burn threatened a ranch structure as it grew into a wildland fire that consumed 20 acres March 8 in the 26800 block of Hamilton Pool Road.

Wind gusts spurred the blaze past its monitors around 3:30 p.m., before Lake Travis Fire Rescue, Austin Fire and Hays County/Henley Fire departments broke it down to 20 percent of its original size and completely contained it by midnight.

No damages or injuries were reported.

“It started out as a controlled burn that got out of hand,” LTFR assistant chief Robert Abbott said. “Downtown it was pouring, but yet we have a 20-acre grass fire going.”

Fire officials remind the community that even with cooler temperatures and recent rains, the threat of wildland fires is persistent.

“The available fuels [for fires to feed on] are out there now,” Abbott said. “The rains we’ve experienced the last 72 hours have been good, but we’ve got a long way to go. We are still going to be vigilant in monitoring the conditions.”

To learn how to reduce the fire dangers in communities, visit Texas Forest Service website for more fire safety programs at txforestservice.tamu.edu/main/article.aspx?id=8512.

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