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By Meagan O’Toole-Pitts


Bee Cave City Council members approved the final plat and the site and non-point source plan at their Tuesday meeting for the Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis, allowing construction to begin.

The church, planned for a tract at 14820 Hamilton Pool Road near Star Hill Ranch, will have occupancy for 85 congregants, said Steven Gottlieb, a church member and contractor for the project.

Congregants purchased the land in June 2011 to build a place of worship. They have not owned a building to hold services since the church was formed 10 years ago, using available spaces at Bee Cave Elementary School, Star Hill Ranch and now Weed-Corley-Fish Funeral Home in Lakeway.

“The church has been moving around from place to place as a renter,” said Laura Mendenhall, a pastor at the church.

With approximately 6,000 square feet, the new building will be worth the wait, Mendenhall said.

Before the council meeting Tuesday, the zoning board of adjustments approved a variance request allowing a water quality pond to be constructed within the 75-foot landscape setback.

“It’s a very shallow lot – it only goes back 200 feet,” Gottlieb said. “There’s a 75-foot setback in the front and a 25-foot setback in the rear. That only leaves us 100 feet. That’s where the church and the parking lots are going. So, in order to put that [pond] in a place that made sense, we had to put it in that 75-foot setback.”

The pond is designed to look like landscaping, laid in a grassy swale, he said.

“We had to put in a detention pond, but not one of these concrete structures,” Gottlieb said. “We wanted it to look natural. We wanted it to look like it belonged on the land.”

Approximately 40 congregants attended both meetings Tuesday in hopeful anticipation of approval, Gottlieb said.

Construction of the church is expected to be complete in seven to eight months, he said.

The property is zoned for single-family rural residential structures, which allows a church as a permitted use.

In other business, the council awarded a contract to Plyler Steel Fabrication in the amount of $11,350 for miscellaneous steel for the new canopy over the Bee Cave Public Library entrance at Bee Cave City Hall. In April, the City Council awarded bids for the renovation of City Hall in the amount of $19,707.

Also at the meeting, three Bee Cave police officers – Carl Neal, Alice Hodgkin and Mario Cmet – took their oaths of office.

The council is set to meet next at 6 p.m. June 26 at Bee Cave City Hall, 4000 Galleria Parkway.

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  1. Pray for city council to be illuminated says:

    Don’t feel comfortable saying Beecaves city council gives blessing. A hex from the city council is more fitting.
    They have proven time and time again to have the opposite of the Midas Touch.

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