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LTISD Superintendent

Dear Lake Travis school district parents, guardians and community:

On Monday, more than 7,500 students pre-kindergarten through 12th grade will walk through the front doors of our schools to begin the 2012-13 school year.

The start of a new school year is an exciting time because of the energy our students, staff, parents and community members bring to it – and all the possibilities that working together provides.

We’ve had a busy summer preparing for the new school year, both inside and outside the classroom. Many of our administrators and teachers spent time engaged in staff development; our maintenance, operations and custodial staff prepped our classrooms and facilities; and our technology team performed necessary upgrades to our digital infrastructure that will keep our teachers and students connected in their e-learning environments. Of course, these are but a few of the many preparations that took place across our district during the last three months.

Additionally, the Hudson Bend Middle School expansion project – the first of several capital improvements that comprise our most recent bond program, broke ground this summer.

We anticipate construction of new Elementary School No. 6, and the new Lake Travis Middle School to begin in early 2013. Once the new middle school is complete, we will begin the expansion of Lake Travis High School into the current Lake Travis Middle School facility. These projects will allow us to accommodate the continued increase in student enrollment.

As you may already know, our main stadium at Lake Travis High School received some attention this summer including new field drainage, the installation of artificial turf, a new and larger press box, a new sound system and a new scoreboard, all of which have been funded through interest earnings related to our 2006 bond program.

Other investments include the installation of new scoreboards at the Lake Travis High School upper track stadium, the baseball field and the softball field; the replacement of lighting at our baseball field; and the replacement of freshman lockers at the Cavalier Activity Center. These improvements will serve our students and spectators for years to come.

Perhaps the best news we received this summer came courtesy of the University Interscholastic League, better known as the UIL. In July, Lake Travis High School officially earned the UIL Lone Star Cup for team performance in district and state championships during the 2011-12 school year. This unique accolade demonstrates success in our programs, but more importantly, it is representative of the healthy balance that exists between academics, fine arts and athletics at Lake Travis High School. This award cannot be won by any one program. Rather, it is a collective achievement to be shared by our students, teachers, staff and the Lake Travis community.

On behalf of our board of trustees and the entire Lake Travis school district family, please know that we will work hard to carry this momentum forward into the new school year.

Our administrators, teachers and support staff will do everything possible to ensure each student’s academic and extracurricular success. Our exemplary school district excels above many others because our parents, teachers, staff and community do a remarkable job of supporting our students and setting high expectations for all.

All the best as we begin a new school year!

Brad Lancaster is the Lake Travis school district superintendent.

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  1. Barry Johnson says:

    It is so wonderful that we are preparing our students for college and life by spending money on new turf, scoreboard, press box, and sound system. This is not the fault of Mr. Lancaster but rather our wonderful school board.

    Go school board. Lets make sure our students do well at hitting, kicking, throwing, and catching a ball.

  2. Alan says:

    Sad but true. Then when students can’t score 800 on SAT there will be an uproar.
    This is one reason why US ranks below other countries academically, especially in math and science. Im all for athletics but this district is bordering on being fanatical.
    Pretty sad day in education when the school board won’t build another high school to serve the influx of students to this district because it would mean splitting up the football team into another division. You may think football is king but, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  3. Scot says:

    The Stadium upgrades were LONG overdue. There’s simply no reason that our students should have facilities, for whatever extra curricular activity they might choose to participate in, that are substandard to their peers across the state. And actually, if one would take the time to do a little research, the initial investment in artificial turf is quickly regained. Just consider the annual costs of your lawn, much less a heavily trampled natural grass football field. a few stats to consider:

    Allen HS – just completed a $60 million stadium. Students receiving scholorships to collage because of extra curricular activities last year – 44 – Average SAT scores are 1080.

    Odessa Permian High – Footnall stadium holds almost 3 times as many spectators at ours – average Scores are 965.

    Lake Travis High – Average SAT scores are 1136.

    If you don’t like football, our kids are doing all sorts of things that you might enjoy. In the past two years, our kids have earned state championships in tennis, golf, volleyball, and yes football, and our baseball team came so very close last year. Our coaches, and teachers sent 8, yeah really, 8 volleyball players off to play at the collegiate level with the opportunity to earn a degree last year. if you simply don’t care for sports, perhaps you should take in a production at our world class performing arts center, where I’d venture to say that you will be more impressed by the talent of the kids than the amazing facilities. Our drill and dance team, the Cavelletes, and the Cavellier band are as talented as you will find in Central Texas and far beyond. The Cavelletes were selected to perform in last years Rose Parade, which they did with pride and excellence.

    Perhaps it’s just me (I do have 8th grade twins), but I truly believe that kids who are involved in structured, demanding extra curricular activities (as opposed to the alternative), tend to do very well academically, and socially.

    If we want our kids to show balance, competitiveness, and to over achieve in ALL aspects of their lives, you have to understand that we need to invest in their learning even beyond the classroom.

    Personally, amd based on the statistics, I think our superintendant, and school board are doing a pretty good job.

  4. LTCavDad says:

    Perhaps Barry Johnson & Alan did not read the article. LTHS won the UIL’s Lone Star Cup this past year. This award represents statewide success in the classroom, band competition, academic competition, theater arts competition and athletic success for the district. This means that LTHS did better in all of these activities combined than any other HS in the state. In addition to the athletic upgrades (which were funded by accrued interest), new & upgraded academic facilities are either under construction or in the immediate future for the district. I applaud the well rounded educational experience my kids are enjoying at LTHS. So far, I have graduated 2 state champion football players and oh, by the way, they were both Nat’l Merit Scholars and they both earned over $100k in academic scholarships. Keep up the great work LTISD!!!

  5. Cavs Fan says:

    Great post Scot! Guess who Barry and Alan will be voting for in this year’s Presidential election…

  6. LTKingOf5AFootball says:

    Well, guess if you have to pick a fight with our athletics program it is obvious their kid didn’t cut it. So have them enjoy the band (first class) or the chess team but obviously some extra curricular “activities” cost more than others but which also bring in more revenue! Go athletic Cavs, go non-athletic Cavs! But why can’t we all just get along?

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