81° F Saturday, June 24, 2017

Both Lake Travis cross country teams finished in the top three in the first race of the season Friday at Concordia University.

The girls team took second place overall, while the boys finished in third place.

Elaine Howington ran a 14:05.57 to place eighth, and Malena Pennycock was right behind her in ninth with a 14:15.11.

Natalie Evans finished in 12th with a time of 14:30.59, while Andrea Mann (21st, 15:46.17) and Katelyn Pervis (23rd, 15:52.13) rounded out the Lady Cavaliers top five. Louisa Angly and Natalie Hilgers finished 24th and 31st, respectively.

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For the boys, Mason Slade took 10th with a time of 17:45.52, with Tyler Davis (18:24.67) and Matias Zaragoza (18:33.95) coming in 14th and 15th, respectively.

Casey Wolleat (19:50.61) and Blair Arney (20:09.24) also finished one after the other in 25th and 26th place, while Tyler Searle (20:39.64) and Tanner Barton (21:37.38) also took to the course for the Cavaliers.

New district opponent Bowie took first on the boys side, with Stony Point coming in second and Austin High finishing fourth. Bowie also won the girls race, with Austin High coming in third just one point behind Lake Travis.

The boys and girls are scheduled to run next at Lockhart City Park at 8:50 a.m. Saturday.


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