81° F Saturday, June 24, 2017

Lake Travis got its second race of the season Saturday at Lockhart and took sixth on the girls’ side and 12th on the boys’ side.

Elaine Howington came in 22nd with a time of 12:56 and Malena Pennycock came in 24th with a time of 12:57 to pace the Lady Cavaliers. Natalie Evans came across in 13:21 to take 35th place.

“[Howington] getting 19th was really awesome because there were over 1,000 kids for the whole meet; they were up against some tough girls,” Lake Travis cross country coach Megan O’Connor said. “It was a really good showing for both teams. The girls did a really good job finishing strong and finishing in a pack and helping each other in the race. We’re looking good.”

The next four Lake Travis runners were Andrea Mann (13:58), Bailey Bench (13:59), Louisa Angly (14:07) and Katelyn Pervis (14:24).

La Vernia easily paced the field to take first place overall, Marble Falls was second, Cedar Ridge was third followed by Brandeis, Hays and Lake Travis.

“We’re improving, and everyone is making small gains every week – that’s all we can ask for at this point,” O’Connor said. “It’s a good group.  They’re really pushing themselves and seeing results. It’s a good mental boost for them.”

On the boys’ side, Mason Slade came in 22nd place with a time of 10:26 to lead the Cavaliers.

Casey Wolleat came in 43rd with a time of 10:46 and Matias Zaragoza was 55th with a time of 10:55.

The rest of the Cavalier came across: Tanner Barton (11:03), Tyler Davies (11:03), Steven Smelcer (11:06), Matt Rivera (11:07), Blair Arney (11:23), David Poulos (11:43) and Tyler Searle.

Both Lake Travis teams will run at the Austin Independent School District race at Walter Long Lake at 8:30 a.m. Friday.

“We’re excited because that’s going to showcase a lot of our opponents for district,” O’Connor said. “We’re working on focusing on parts of their individual races and when to kind of make their move to get in places where we can get ahead. This will be good practice for that district meet at the end of the year.  We want to be up there. It’ll be exciting to see the other teams and see where we’re at in the standings right now.”

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