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At long last, Lake Travis tennis took down Westlake, with more on the line than ever.
The Cavaliers squeezed past the Chaparrals 10-7 by taking a significant advantage, 5-2, in doubles play to start the day Sept. 27 at Lake Travis.
The winning doubles pairs of Ryan Brown and Courtney Schulte, Tristan Wise and Nick Ruzicka, Remi Immler and Carli Knezevich, BG Slay and Adam Dokos along with Erik Kerrigan and Tyler Wilkie propelled the team to victory and set the tone for the rest of the match.
Now the team gets to try and repeat the feat if (and when) they meet in the district championship on Oct. 11.
“It’s kind of a long time coming I suppose,” Lake Travis tennis coach Carol Creel said. “We just had a lot of close matches with them the last few years, but we’re not getting too overconfident.”
She pointed out that keys to the win were how strong the doubles teams played and how well they hung together  and pulled out several matches and tiebreakers.
The win gave Lake Travis homecourt advantage in the district tournament and would host the championship should it get past the semifinals on Oct. 10.
“We’re happy to get out of that match, and we’ll have home court advantage,” Creel said. “[Westlake was] missing some players;  they had a couple of key girls out of their lineup, and we’ll make sure we’re ready to play them against next week.”
In singles play, Erik Kerrigan and Courtney Schulte picked up big wins while Carli Knezevich played a strong match despite a loss.
“Eric Kerrigan stepped up and played one of his better singles matches this year, and Courtney Schulte had a replay of our final match of a 10-9 loss [last year] and pulled it out with a very convincing tiebreaker,” Creel said. “Carli followed her game plan well in the second set and was really close.”
Lake Travis is likely to play Austin High and Westlake will probably draw Bowie when the matches are announced Oct. 8.
“We’re just continuing to make sure our doubles stay strong, working on everything we can to have great play on the doubles side,” Creel said. “We’ll make sure we’re ready to go – there’s always something to work on. It was a good match but obviously, we’re not taking it for granted. The one that counts for regionals is the tournament match, so we’re keeping focused and not getting too excited for that win, just getting ready for the next match.”

Lake Travis 10, Westlake 7
Italics – Lake Travis win
Boys doubles
Tristan Wise/Nick Ruzicka  d. Nemo Niess / Charles Tan
Adam Dokos /BG Slay d. Sam Bell/Julian Sweeney
Erik Kerrigan /Tyler Wilkie d. Clayton Jones/Elliot Lebovitz

Girls doubles
Ryan Brown/Courtney Schulte d. Meredith Hopson/Hannah Sutton
Remi Immler/Carli Knezevich d. Fernanda Contreras /Allie Carlisle
Megan Hahn/Ali Young d. Bailey Meyer/Emily Cotton

Mixed doubles
Jacqueline Patterson/Ian Kocher d. Davis Meyer/Raven Hampton

Boys singles
Nemo Niess d. Tristan Wise
Charles Tan d. Adam Dokos
Nick Ruzicka  d. Sam Bell
Erik Kerrigan d. Ian Kocher
Julian Sweeney d. BG Slay
Tyler Wilkie d. Brett Denkler

Girls singles
Meredith Hopson d. Ryan Brown
Fernanda Contreras d. Carli Knezevich
Remi Immler d. Jacqueline Patterson
Courtney Schulte d. Ali Young


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