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Dear Editor:

On Nov. 3 around 6 a.m., my husband, Mark, and I were involved in a car accident on RM 620 while driving to a cystic fibrosis fundraiser at Texas A&M University.

Mark and the other driver were released from the hospital that same morning, but as I sustained more serious injuries, I had to remain in the hospital.

As my family has lived and worked in Lakeway for over 20 years and volunteered and been involved in various organizations over that time, we have come to know many people from our community.

I was overwhelmed and so very humbled by the amount of cards, care packages, flowers, food and prayers we have received during my recovery.

I would like to thank all involved as well as my co-workers at the city of Lakeway. In addition, I would like to thank the man who first stopped at the scene, Lake Travis Fire and Rescue, the police, the ambulance team, the ER room, the Brackenridge staff (doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors and housekeeping) and again, all the community members and organizations who have shown such support and outpouring of love.

Lastly, thanks to those of you who donate plasma and blood, I can say from experience, it does save lives.

Dallas Gorman

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