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Dear Editor:

Early Monday morning, Nov. 12, while preparing for the Veterans Day event in Lakeway, I found in a manila folder under the door mat at the Lakeway Heritage Center containing 15 letters written to veterans thanking them for their service.

Regretfully, it was too late to announce a special luncheon being held at the school today, Nov 14; however, many of the students asked in their letters that veterans respond if possible.

Each student’s letter had its own personal touch, and there isn’t room to publish all 15. However, each student thanked veterans with deep sincerity.

If any veteran wants to take the time to respond, the names of the students are: Taylor, Peyton, Lukas, Louis, Zoe, Santana, Sophia, Alyssa, Summer, Ian, Audrey, Jack, Lilly, Cristopher and Leah. Letters should be mailed to Serene Hills Elementary School, 3301 Serene Hills Drive, Austin, TX 78738, Attention: School secretary.

It’s clear that the exemplary teachers in the Lake Travis school district system understand patriotism and the meaning of personal sacrifice. It would be sad if the personal attention these students offered to veterans on this special day was ignored by those to whom it was directed.

Mike Boston

Lakeway Heritage Center archivist-coordinator

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