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Dear Editor:

Your library has been raising money for four years in order to build the wonderful new building currently under construction on Lohmans Crossing.

The Lake Travis Community Library District Board has been saving money from the sales taxes received, holding fund-raisers and applying for numerous grants. In fact, 10 grant applications totaling approximately $150,000 were submitted for a variety of projects for the library. None were awarded.

The Invest in Lifelong Learning capital campaign fell short of its $1 million dollar goal by $110,000; which the grants had been counted on to supply. In order to break ground, the original plans for the building were amended and several items, originally planned for, had to be “value engineered” out of the project.

If any of you have been “waiting to see” if the library actually happens before contributing — well, it is really happening. With additional funds, we can make the library even more wonderful and built as intended.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.

Ginger Gober

Fund-raising committee co-chair

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