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Old Fire Captain complimented both the Lake Travis High School Cavalier Band and the varsity football team in separate posts Nov. 17.

The first comment supported the band’s 15th-place finish at the UIL State Marching Contest on Nov. 6 at the Alamodome in San Antonio. It was the band’s second consecutive state appearance and first at the 5A level.

“Way to go LT Band, you worked extraordinarily hard and now are among the top bands in Texas! Look forward to next year’s show!”

The positive support continued with this Nov. 17 post a day after the Lake Travis Cavaliers lost to Pflugerville, 23-20, in the first round of the state playoffs as captured in the article “Miracle falls short; Pflugerville shocks Lake Travis.”

“Keep your heads high Lake Travis!

“For a half a decade, we have been successfully executing in critical situations, whether it was stripping a ball loose from an opposing player on the way to end zone, returning a punt, getting a goal line stand or holding on fourth down, a deep pass when we were behind or a key interception. Last night it was our opponent that executed on the game’s critical play.

“We have been remarkably injury free for the last five years, particularly during the playoffs, but finally injuries caught up with us. We have sent 30 teams in row home with their dreams of state championship crushed, only today it is our turn.

“We have not played our best in every playoff game but somehow managed to survive and get better and peak during the championship game, but not last night.

“All of those intangibles have to be in place to win a state championship; that is why it is such an accomplishment, and why what Lake Travis football has accomplished is so rare and not likely to be repeated in my lifetime.

“Yesterday’s game, if anything, should remind us to cherish those rings and trophies, and to realize what an enormous achievement they were.”

“In what was our most challenging season in a half decade, you never stopped fighting, you never quit and you pulled out win after win on sheer desire. You lost two games by a total of five points to very solid teams that played their best games of the season, while perhaps not playing our best, and still it came down to one half of a size 9 shoe being out of bounds, to keep us from winning.

“Seniors, most of you leave with a 25-3 record , a state championship and a district championship, things 95 percent of high school football players can only dream of.

“I suspect that there are a slew of sophomores and juniors that will remember last night, the pain that was felt, and come in to spring ball with a new appreciation for winning. I feel sorry for our district next year! Congratulations on a great season! We are all so proud of you!”

Steve Jones also commented on “Miracle falls short; Pflugerville shocks Lake Travis” with this post Nov. 17:

“I have been a big Cavalier fan for five years, and I have to say that I am impressed by this year’s team. This team may have faced more adversity than any other, but never let it overcome them. They believed in themselves until the last second of the last game. I am impressed.

“Hold your heads up guys, you still have my respect and admiration.”
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