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By Allen Christenson

Contributing Writer

The first Lake Travis big bass tournament of 2013 was held on Jan. 26 by the Texas Tournament Zone Association. A cool, overcast day provided excellent fishing for the 127 teams competing for a $4,000 first-place prize.

Tom Lorden and Andy Zavala took top honors with a five bass limit weighing 17.5 pounds. Two largemouth bass weighing more than 7 pounds apiece topped the individual big bass list.

These are very impressive numbers for a winter tournament. This spring should produce excellent bass fishing, which is normal for Lake Travis.

My recent clients have enjoyed steady action in shallow water using a variety of soft plastic worms and creature baits. Largemouth and Guadalupe spotted bass are acting like the pre-spawn period has already started.

Bass are cruising in the 5- to 10-foot zone feeding on sunfish and crawfish. Green pumpkin and watermelon worms and Baby Brush Hogs have attracted lots of attention.

The bites are usually very light in the cold 55 degrees water. I am coaching my inexperienced clients to set the hook when they barely feel a tick or tap on their line. At times, you will only feel a little soft pressure or notice a slight sideways line movement.

A slow bottom-crawling retrieve with frequent pauses works best. Most bites will occur when you are not moving the worm. Only move the worm a foot or less with a slow upward movement of the rod tip.

Main lake bluffs, secondary points back in the creeks, and lots of boat docks are producing worm action. In the coming weeks, several other lure types will come on strong.

A slow steady retrieve with plastic grubs, crankbaits and spinner baits will draw bass like a magnet. The key is to cover lots of water as these prespawn bass scatter out all over the shorelines.

March and April always produce the very best fishing of the year. It won’t be long now.

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