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In its first season competing in Class 5A, the Lake Travis swim team is sending 17 Cavaliers and Lady Cavs to what is probably the toughest regional meet in the state this weekend.

With eight regions competing, the top competitor in each event advances on to the state meet along with the next best eight times, from any region.

The Region 4-5A swimming and diving championships are Friday and Saturday in Houston, and it’s not out of the ordinary for half (or more) of the eight next-best times to come out of the highly-competitive region.

“Region 4 has always had the reputation of being the fastest 5A region in Texas,” Lake Travis swimming and diving coach KB DeBord said. “Our expectations are really to go in there and do the best that we can do. If we go in there and swim the best times we can, we’ll be successful.”

The girls swim team placed second at the district meet, with 11 swimmers going to regionals across 12 events, including three relay teams and two individuals going for the 1-meter dive in Jessica Domicoli and Mary Kevan Smith.

Hunter Bishop, Taylor Bishop and Megan Grose are all going for two different individual events, while both Bishops will compete in the 200 freestyle relay and the 400 freestyle relay and Grose going in the 200 freestyle relay.

Sedera Zbranek set the new school record in the 100 backstroke, and she’ll also compete in the 200 medley relay and the 400 freestyle relay.

Libby Linton is aiming for state in three events as well, and Maggie Jukes and Natalie Strait will swim in two events

For the boys, Steven Austrian, Kyle Lucas and Ben Rodgers are competing in two individual events and all three will appear in two of the three relay teams at the regional meet.

Chris Mayer is going for the 100 butterfly and is on two of the three relay teams, with Parker Welch and Alec DeJong swimming two relays as well.

“I hope we use that fast competition to come up with some really good swims,” DeBord said. “We had a lot of personal bests from an individual standpoint [at district]. We didn’t rest them a lot in hopes that regional will bring out their best.”

With rigorous training up to the district meet, the teams have scaled back the intensity in order to be as fresh and ready as possible come the preliminary round Friday.

“We back off going in to the big meets,” DeBord said. “We really want them to recover their energy systems and body and let them recover, so they’re fully rested and ready to go fast. Almost nobody at this meet will train through it because if you are tired at this meet, it’s where your season ends.

“It’s a tricky sport like that.”

Regional qualifiers

Girls team members in the regionals are: Hunter Bishop – 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle; Taylor Bishop -200 freestyle; 500 freestyle; Jessica Domicoli – 1 meter diving (2nd); Jennifer Good – 100 butterfly; Megan Grose – 200 I.M. (3rd), 100 butterfly (1st); Maggie Jukes – 100 breaststroke (3rd); Libby Linton – 100 backstroke; Mary Kevan Smith – 1 meter diving (1st); Natalie Strait – 100 butterfly; Sedera Zbranak – 100 backstroke (3rd – new school record); 200 medley relay (2nd) – S. Zbranak, M. Jukes, N. Strait, L. Linton; 200 freestyle relay – T. Bishop, K. Miller, M. Grose, H. Bishop; and 400 freestyle relay (2nd) – T. Bishop, L. Linton, H. Bishop and S. Zbranak.

Boys team members in the regionals are: Steven Austrian – 200 freestyle, 500 freestyle; Kyle Lucas – 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke (3rd); Chris Mayer – 100 butterfly; Ben Rodgers – 200 I.M., 100 breaststroke; 200 medley relay (3rd) – K. Lucas, B. Rodgers, C. Mayer, S. Austrian; 200 freestyle relay (3rd) – K. Lucas, Alec DeJong, Parker Welch, S. Austrian; and 400 freestyle relay – C. Mayer, A. DeJong, P. Welch and B. Rodgers.

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