87° F Sunday, June 25, 2017

By Allen Christenson
Lake Travis View Contributing Writer

Bluebonnets are blooming, and the Lake Travis surface water temperature is above 62 degrees. Therefore, I know I can count on fast fishing action in shallow water. The strong cold front of March 24 will only slow the fishing for a couple of days.

Recent top catch honors go to Thomas Gray and Stephen Bennett of Austin. We departed Lakeway Marina on a cool overcast morning, March 23. We totaled 45 bass before noontime. Stephen had the hot hand with the Senko stick bait as he landed a big 5-pound largemouth and a fat 4-pounder.

The weightless Senko is an amazing lure during low light conditions. It just keeps fooling shallow bass that might ignore any other lure. Bass don’t have to exert any energy as this slow falling morsel drifts into their territory. Color is usually not a concern with the Senko. We used five different colors, and the bass stayed gullible.

Big-fish honors go to a gal from Missouri named Amy Zimmermann. Greg Womack luckily brought Amy along on the guided excursion the afternoon of March 18.

Bright sunshine and a north wind dictated use of the smoke glitter grub. Amy was not used to casting artificial lures, but she sure caught on fast. She proceeded to give us a lesson on grub fishing. She caught the biggest Guadalupe (2 pounds), the biggest largemouth (4 pounds), and than she hooked into a monster fish that turned out to be a jumbo 14-pound striped bass. This was the largest striper I’ve encountered on Lake Travis for several years.

Getting this striper to the boat was an accomplishment using an 8-pound test Zebco outfit. Congratulations to Amy! She did allow Greg to catch a lot of small bass.

Every cove now is loading up with spawning bass and crappie, with a few marauding stripers scooping up shad. This April will produce some awesome fishing. You don’t want to miss out on this event.

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