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Whether you have lived in Bee Cave a long time or recently arrived, it is great to be together as one thriving family.

My passion to serve our community centers on building the heart and soul of Bee Cave while assuring our appearance is the best it can be … the essence of why families want to live here, aside from maintaining our excellent schools and low taxes, of course !

The quality of growth west out Texas 71 near Falconhead West directly impacts our quality of life and our property values.

With over 5,300 inhabitants, this election, May 11, gives us an opportunity to adopt a charter establishing home rule to better control our destiny. Unlike our current general law form of government, Home Rule allows greater latitude to pass laws that are not prohibited by state law. General law only allows what powers are granted by state law.

Home rule allows annexation of properties bordering city limits that are in our extraterritorial jurisdiction, or ETJ, thus ensuring they develop in a way that preserves the vision, property values and quality of life of neighboring properties including enforcing nuisance laws. It also gives citizens by petition and election the right to recall elected officials, initiate laws and call a referendum on laws they wish to abolish.

A diverse group of 15 committee members representing all neighborhoods and political philosophies unanimously approved the proposed charter. I hope that you will consider voting in favor of the charter establishing home rule for Bee Cave.

To read the proposed charter and the city’s Comprehensive Plan, visit http://portal.beecavetexas.com.

In my view, the city’s goal shouldn’t be to attract growth but to shape the inevitable in a way that supports our goals of enhancing quality of life and property values, not detracts from them by making long-lasting incompatible exceptions both aesthetically and synergistically.

This brings me to the upcoming City Council election May 11.

Three seats are up for election, and six candidates are vying for those positions. Whether the city follows one path or another truly depends on the values and philosophy of the individual candidates.

Please take the time to acquaint yourself with the vision each candidate intends to pursue and please vote to endorse those ideas. That is the only way to ensure we are heading down the path to make Bee Cave unique and special.

Zelda Auslander

Bee Cave
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