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By Allen Christenson
Lake Travis View Contributing Writer

The fishing right now on Lake Travis is pretty awesome. Black bass and crappie are stacked up in shallow spawning water. Every shoreline will produce steady action when certain lures are presented correctly.

April is always the month when our beautiful lake shows off its tremendous fish population. Using soft plastic lures will keep you busy reeling in fish almost anywhere in the lower half of our deep lake.

Hard baits like crankbaits and spinnerbaits will produce some fish, just not the big numbers. My recent bookings are averaging from 35 to 50 bass per four hour excursion using 3-inch grubs, 4-inch worms and 4-inch Senkos.

I’ve learned that these small plastics get more strikes per hour and catch good numbers of large bass. Another bonus is that they fool lots of crappie and white bass also. A hard charging striper is also possible while casting for bass.

Several small details are the key to success with soft plastics. I strongly advise using low visibility green Trilene monofilament line in the 6- to 8-pound test class. The light one-eighth-ounce slip sinkers for worms are so much easier to cast with light line. Making long casts is often a must to fool bass in our clear water.

A medium to light action spinning or spincast rod is ideal. A baitcasting reel just does not match up well with these light baits.

Slow retrieves always result in the fastest action for bass. Bass are usually lazy and prefer not to exert much energy to capture prey. A very slow steady retrieve with the smoke glitter grub amazes my clients with its fish catching prowess.

An ultra-slow stop-and-go crawl with a Texas rigged or wacky rig worm is crucial. Most strikes happen on the pause, so it is easy to overwork your worm. Green pumpkin and watermelon colors are hard to beat.

Weightless 4-inch Senkos should be allowed to fall on a slack line and only twitched about every eight seconds. Trust me, it works.

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