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By Anthony Mannino
Lake Travis View Contributing Writer

The Lake Travis Cavaliers claimed the four boys and girls doubles district spots that advance to the regional finals in Waco starting on Tuesday.

“It is a testament to a strong team to have this many doubles players advance, and I couldn’t be prouder of all them,” Lake Travis coach Carol Creel said.

The Cavaliers, playing in their first 5A district tournament, will send five teams to the regional finals with Tristan Wise joining the four doubles teams.

Lake Travis placed first and second place in the boys doubles tournament. Senior Adam Dokos and sophomore Nick Ruzicka finished first, defeating their Cavaliers teammates, senior BG Slay and freshman Erik Kerrigan, 6-1, 6-4. Slay, and Kerrigan came back from down 2-0 in the first set of the second place match against the Austin Maroons to win (6-3, 6-2).

“After a difficult loss to a couple of strong teammates, we were good to recoup and get back in it,” Kerrigan said. “Don’t worry about the first place; worry about the second place one and know we can advance to regionals.

“It means a lot, as a senior, to advance to regionals,” said Slay, who hasn’t made it to regionals since his freshman year when Lake Travis was in 4A.

The girls matched the success of the boys teams with Lake Travis finishing in the top two spots in district. It was an all Lake Travis final with Remi Immler and Carli Knezevich facing last year’s 4A champions Courtney Schulte and Ryan Brown. All four girls also played in the 4A state finals last year. The first set was close with neither team leading by more than a game. Schulte and Brown eventually won the tiebreak (7-3) to take the first set (7-6). Immler and Knezevich rallied to win the last two sets (6-3 and 6-2) to win the match.

“It is always bittersweet to play [someone] from your team, but I couldn’t be more happy to win,” Immler said. “The score didn’t reflect the match; it was always close. It was a grind.”

Knezevich added, “It was really intense; it was hot and long out there. Everyone had to keep their energy up, because it was hard to not get tired out there.”

Wise will also play in his first regional tournament after defeating his teammate Tyler Wilkie (6-1, 6-1) to finish second in the boys single tournament. The junior lost in the semifinals of the district tournament his sophomore year (in mixed doubles when his teammate broke her wrist) and his freshman year as a singles player. Wise lost the district finals match to Westlake’s Charles Tan, and he only had hour to rest before his second place win over Wilkie. The same thing happened to him last year, but this time he was able to win the second place match

“I have played Wilkie [a lot] before, and I haven’t lost to him yet,” Wise said. “I’m not feeling well this week, and he’s a good player, so I am glad I won as handily as I did.”

The regional tournament is April 16-17 in Waco.

Final results:

Boys’ singles:

Tristan Wise – 2nd place (regional qualifier)

Tyler Wilkie – 3rd place (regional alternate)

Boys’ doubles:

Adam Dokos/Nick Ruzicka – District Champions (regional qualifiers)

BG Slay/Erik Kerrigan – 2nd place (regional qualifiers)

Girls’ doubles:

Remi Immler/Carli Knezevich - District Champions (regional qualifiers)

Ryan Brown/Courtney Schulte – 2nd place (regional qualifiers)

Girls’ singles:

Bailey Meyer – 4th place

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