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The new Lake Travis Community Library is taking advantage of the talent pool of artists and art enthusiasts in the Lake Travis area by launching a Rotating Art Program, sponsored by the Friends of the Library, to give artists space to show and sell their work.

“Not only is this a great opportunity for artists, but our patrons will also be able to interact with the artists and get acquainted with a wide variety of media and techniques, from oils and collages to watercolors and photography,” Library Director Morgan McMillian said.

Individual artists or artist groups who apply to the program in April will be considered for exhibit space in the subsequent months.

“We hope to have the first exhibit in June and welcome new artists to display their work,” said Diane Taylor, committee chair.

Taylor and fellow committee members Joyce Botta and Valerie Liebl will review the applications and select exhibitors based on guidelines in the Rotating Art Exhibit Policy recently adopted by the Library District Board. Artists may pick up copies of the policy and application forms at the circulation desk at the library, 1983 Lohmans Crossing, in Lakeway or by visiting laketravislibrary.org.

“The new library is architecturally interesting, and its contemporary interior and pleasing color scheme will be a perfect backdrop for artists to showcase their work and talent,” said Janet Wright, chair of the Lakeway Arts Committee. “The community and its artists are so fortunate to have this new library in our area.”

For information about the program, contact the Lake Travis Community Library at 263-2885 or visit laketravislibrary.org.

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