81° F Saturday, June 24, 2017

By Allen Christenson

Lake Travis bass are in their mid-spawn mode, and the action is very good for my recent clients. A variety of soft plastic lures have been most productive.

Big bass honors this week go to Ryan Galloway of Georgetown. Ryan latched onto a hard-fighting 5 ½-pound largemouth using one of my pearl shad Yumdinger stick baits.

That overcast morning of April 9 produced 34 bass for Ryan and his friend Jeff Coop, both Iraq war veterans. As a Vietnam vet, I always enjoy fishing with other veterans.

All of our bass that cool morning came from five feet deep or less on Yumdingers in Cajun Neon and shad hues.

It has been entertaining most mornings watching hordes of threadfin shad streaming alongside shorelines and dock edges. These spawning baitfish are stalked by hungry bass who often explode at the surface in pursuit of a hearty breakfast.

A surface lure tossed into this melee would probably generate some savage strikes, but we are too busy getting fast bites on Senkos and Yumdingers. A Zoom Super Fluke jerkbait would be another good option.

This great shallow action continues well into May. The full moon on April 25 and the new moon of May 9 will trigger the last spawning waves of bass.

Experienced tournament pros have noticed that the new moon period is often even better than the well-known full moon stage.

Post-spawn bass will gang up off points and the top water fishing kicks in around late April. Then you have your choice of fishing for schooling bass or the late spawners. I prefer to target both stages on a given day for variety.

Plastic worms and a swimming smoke grub have also been dynamite in the afternoons on main lake shorelines lately.

Our recent rise in lake level was good news for the fishing, and I hope the rain keeps coming.

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