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Africa’s Promise Village will sponsor a race April 28 at Spicewood Vineyard that begins at 9 a.m. with a 5K race to raise money for a clean water well in Tanzania, East Africa.

Additional support for the race and the cause has been provided by Rotary Club of Lakeway/Lake Travis and Bee Cave Rotary Club.

At 10 a.m., a fun family race of one mile is planned. Live music, a food trailer, and a selection of wines will be available.

A silent auction will feature 73 items from Africa.

The combination of the race, food, music, the setting and the silent auction provides something for everyone to enjoy, and it is an opportunity to see unique African artifacts.

Donna Gunn, co-founder of Africa’s Promise Village, and several APV Ambassadors who recently returned from Africa will discuss the village and its needs and share photos and stories.

The site for the well has been identified and will serve the villagers for years to come. The well will help to improve the health of Maasai children and their families and will lead to better nutrition as the livestock have adequate water and crops can be raised, Gunn wrote in a statement. She said it will reduce the degree of food insecurity that exists in the village of Esilale.

Registration for the race may be completed on the Africa’s Promise Village website or at http://trackforlife.com/20130428main.htm or http://trackforlife.org. Click on the word “Schedule” to register.

For information about the work of Africa’s Promise Village, visit africaspromisevillage.org or call Gunn at 350-5880.

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