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Todd RadfordThe Lakeway Police Department, in a continued attempt to serve our public well, is constantly evaluating current programs, policies and procedures to look for ways to improve.

This culture of constant improvement has allowed for new ideas to surface. In this edition of this column, we will discuss two new projects and one ongoing event that we want to share with our community.

I am pleased to announce a new crime-fighting tool which will provide the opportunity for citizens to send anonymous crime tips using multiple facets of modern technology.

This innovative program, provided by TipSoft and CrimeReports, allows tipsters to use mobile technology via texting and smart phone applications or a website link to send completely anonymous crime tips to Lakeway Police Department.

The department can then respond to the tipster to gather more information without ever knowing the tipster’s identification or identifying information. This is yet another way modern technology will help us to fight crime. More details about TipSoft may be found on our website at cityoflakeway.com and then going to the police page.

Lakeway Police Department is partnering with the Sheriff’s Combined Auto Theft Task Force in a proactive crime prevention program called “Lock it or Lose it.”

Officers will actively look for vehicles that may be targets of auto theft and burglary. They will place flyers on vehicles to notify owners that there appeared to be items in plain view that could cause the vehicle to be targeted for a burglary or that the owner has done a good job of reducing the risk of being such a target.

We want to remind everybody, lock your vehicles, hide your belongings or remove them from the vehicle, but mostly don’t create a situation that would allow you to become a victim. Locking vehicles and hiding items from view are the best ways to encourage criminals to go somewhere else to commit their crime.

Building upon previous years’ results, Lakeway Police Department will once again team with the Drug Enforcement Administration to host our fifth annual National Prescription Drug Take Back Day from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. April 27 at 104 Cross Creek in Lakeway to provide a venue for city residents and others who want to dispose of unwanted and unused prescription drugs.

This project has been a huge success, having grown each and every year. Last year, we took in more than 337 pounds of prescription drugs to keep them off our streets and out of our environment. Collection is quick, convenient and secure. No effort will be made to count, inventory, document or log the medication and who turned it in.

I am excited to introduce these programs to you, and I appreciate your continued support of our officers and programs. These are a few of the new things going on in our department, and they are all central to our mission of keeping our community safe.


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