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Before reportedly taking his life, Shameka McGriff’s boyfriend wrote in his suicide letter that he placed her body in Lake Travis, authorities said.

At about 10:30 p.m. April 25, a fisherman found McGriff’s body with a gunshot wound to her head in shallow water near the dock at Mansfield Dam Park at Lake Travis.

Working from leads, Travis County dive teams had been searching the lake for several days after McGriff, 27, was reported missing from her Austin home, said Roger Wade, Travis County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Detectives interviewed her boyfriend, Kenneth Clark Jr., 28, of Austin but before they could investigate further, or find her body, he took his own life in San Antonio. In his final writings he said that he placed Shameka’s body in the water, detectives reported.

“We may not ever know, because he took his own life before they were able to do anything else,” Wade said.

Travis County Sheriff’s deputies and fire and EMS units responded to the scene, and the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled McGriff’s death a homicide.

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